Our Journey So Far

The Big Idea

Had the idea to create a ‘Kids Village’ In the UK, inspired by a trip to GKTWV in the USA.

The Search Begins!

Began the search for suitable land. Over the years, we looked at many sites across the Midlands but hit various issues when analysing or beginning preparations.

Kids Village is Registered as a Charity

We registered Kids Village as an official charity and began to raise awareness and raise money.

First Big Ball of Courage
We kickstarted the charity and held our first Big Ball of Courage.
A Site is Found!

We found an amazing site to build The Kids Village.

The Planning Begins
We began researching for Kids Village: meeting with charities, creating processes and building a website for example. We also began working on the planning application for the site. We continued to raise money and awareness.
Planning Application Submitted

After a lot of work, we submitted our planning application.

Planning Application Approved!
Our planning application was successful.
Fundraising and Future Plans

We are now fundraising to build Kids Village, and once we have the money we will begin to build!

Donate Today

We need your help to make this happen. Be part of creating this special place and donate to Kids Village today.

Get Involved

Kids Village is currently in the process of being created and then built! Let us know if you have any great ideas to make it extra special.