Our Journey So Far

What We’ve Done

Kids Village has been a journey many years in the making. The idea and inspiration started with Sammie’s Story (read here) nearly 20 years ago. Since that time Trustee & Founder Gary has worked in the leisure & tourism industry developing and running commercial holiday sites. This experience led Gary to start looking for an appropriate site around 10 years ago.

In 2018 we decided to launch Kids Village as a charity along-side searching for land. Since then we have raised money, developed ideas, plans, researched and spoken to lots of experts, charities and families.

After looking at lots of different sites over the years, we have found a great spot for Kids Village in Staffordshire, The Midlands.

Where We are Now

Over the last two years we have worked really hard on our chosen site. We have consulted and worked with a wide range of experts amongst over coming many hurdles. We have now submitted our planning application & are really hopeful that it will be successful.

What’s Next?

We continue to prepare, raise funds & awareness for Kids Village whilst awaiting the result of our planning application.

Get Involved

Kids Village is currently in the process of being created and then built! Let us know if you have any great ideas to make it extra special.