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Amelia’s Story

by Amelia

Jamie’s Story

by Jamie

Jamie stories Kids Village (image of a boy in shorts with a scar on his leg)

For me, it all started with a pain in my left knee. From there, numerous trips to the doctors and hospital eventually resulted in my being diagnosed with bone cancer at 16 years old.

What followed was six months of chemotherapy and an operation to remove my left femur bone and knee joint and provide me with a metal replacement. I had to learn to walk again and spent six months on crutches. This was further complicated after I got chicken pox and had to spend a month in intensive care. During that month I lost nearly all of the muscle I had built and set about learning to walk again for the second time in my life.

From a young age I played cricket and during this difficult time, I was most concerned about never being able to play cricket again. I was told I would never run, jump or be able to take part in any strenuous activity. But for me my passion and desire for sport pulled me through and helped me defy the odds and get back to cricket again.

I’ve now been playing for the England Physical Disability cricket team for five years. We’ve travelled across the world and have been World Champions. I also play cricket in the 1st team of my local club. I refuse to let my disability and experience do anything other than enrich my life.

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of my time in hospital on the inspiring ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’ ward. This ward felt like a home away from home and there was an atmosphere that allowed us to think about more than just cancer. It’s important to me to help other young people and families who are going through similar experiences. I know that the Kids Village will be a magical place for kids to enjoy time with their families around and to make memories and stories that matter.

Jamie stories Kids Village (image of boy playing cricket)

Our Journey So Far

We are passionate about what we do and that comes from our own personal stories and experiences. Every child and every family who have been through a hard time have amazing stories and we want to share these memories with you.