What We Do

Our clear aim is to help children with critical illnesses and their families across the UK by giving them crucial respite from the trauma of being in hospitals.

At the Kids Village, we want to give them all hope, positivity and confidence through creating magical respite holidays and experiences that will provide them all with amazing memories away from the day to day stresses of the medical environment.


…being stuck in hospital day in and day out whilst your friends play outside without a care in the world. Your life revolves around treatments, injections and hospitals, whilst your friends only need to think about toys, parks and having fun! As a parent your relationships are under stress too: your social life is probably non-existent, your work may have to take a back seat or just not be possible at all and you live within a cloud. Life for a child with a critical illness is seriously tough; tough for the child, tough for the parents and tough for all of the family around. It’s a time of strain, pressure, fear, financial worries … and sometimes it’s really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

At the Kids Village we want to give children with life limiting illnesses and their families important life-enhancing respite. Fun, magical moments and great memories: we aim to provide it all. Our focus is on the whole family being embraced for a while and ensuring they leave the Kids Village experience feeling happy, re-charged and more confident for the path ahead.

In short, families can enjoy their special respite holidays at our purpose built Kids Village in the heart of the UK.

We want to take away some of the stress and worry of caring for a child whose future is uncertain and give families the gift of time together and the chance to recharge and just enjoy each other’s company. Our aim is to help children with critical illnesses forget about the trauma of being in and out of hospital and just inspire and invigorate them for a while.

When a charity recommends a family for one of our Kids Village respite holidays, we will pull out all the stops and plan an unforgettable trip with surprises at every turn.

Cost free. Worry free. Memory rich.

What happens on a Kids Village break?

Kids Village is not yet built- but we hope that this website can help you see our vision and plans. We continue to raise money & will update this website as things progress.

As a family arrive at a Kids Village break they will be greeted with warmth and wrapped in comfort. The family will step out of the car into a peaceful and natural world, and be led into their special home for their stay… It could be luxury over-the-top hot chocolates in winter or cool velvety ice-cream in the summer will greet the guests and from this moment there will be surprises at every turn.

The special child will walk into a cosy, cuddly woodland lodge decorated in their honour. Kids Village will touch every sense, with special sounds, smells and touches that will make the family feel blanketed in comfort. Kids Village are the masters of creating a personalised atmosphere. The “Magic Co-ordinators” will make sure that whatever the child loves will be included.

Kids rooms will be a magical haven full of imaginative surprises inspired and informed by the dreams of children. The ceilings may turn into a night sky, there may be a princess dress up walk-in wardrobe or even a lego kingdom built under a bed.

Once settled into the special space, as well as indulging in precious time together, a Kids Village family will have the ability to enjoy the natural world around them, take part in our magical activities and also head out to exciting attractions where they will be treated like royalty. Activities, events & breakfast will take place in “The Hive”- a central facility, café and office. This will be designed by both the family and the “Magic co-ordinators”- perfectly planned but with surprises at every turn.

Above all, and most importantly, children & families can feel completely comfortable in at Kids Village, because they are surrounded by people who understand. Families will have the opportunity to connect with each other or simply relax knowing that there is unspoken upstanding and no judgement or hard questions.

When a family head to the nearby attractions, they will have the best seats, fast passes and most sought-after experience

We have big dreams for what ‘magic’ experiences we will be able to offer at Kids Village… here are some of our ideas:

  • The Kids Village Sweet shop – free, unlimited sweets.
  • Puppy Parties
  • Star Gazing
  • Glitter Parties
  • Regular Christmas Day all year round
  • Chocolate party
  • Football tournaments
  • Den making
  • Pizza parties
  • Tea parties
  • Princess parties
  • Craft house
  • Make-up parlour

If you have any ideas, we would love to hear about them, please get in touch!

Kids Village Best Friends

The Journey to Kids Village…

A family will be given the chance to have one of our Kids Village respite holidays by one of our Kids Village Best Friends. ‘Kids Village Best Friends’ are charities that work closely with children suffering with critical illness and their families; they have the ability to give these families a Kids Village Break.

Once a family has been nominated they will be able to access our Kids Village reservation system and choose a time to request to book. Once a family has requested to book, one of our team will be in touch to design and create the perfect break…

Who We Are

Kids Village gives children with critical illness a meaningful, memorable and magical break with their families. We offer a unique escape from a tough day-to-day.