Who We Are

Our Values

We offer:

  • An escape from the realities of living with a critical illness
  • A family-focused, loving and supportive environment
  • Focused on freedom, nature, peace, joy … and smiles
  • Tailored and personalised experiences for each family
  • Lasting memories
  • Exceptional customer service

Our promise:

Kids Village will always be a place where everyone is welcome. It has joy at its core. It encompasses the spirit of childhood in a raw and natural way. Kids Village stands for freedom, hope and happiness.

Kids Village Family

Sam Fletcher who we are Kids Village

Sam Fletcher

Founder & Trustee

Gary Fletcher who we are Kids Village

Gary Fletcher

Founder & Trustee

Kids Village Claire Fletcher who we are

Claire Fletcher

Founder & Trustee

Jamie Goodwin who we are Kids Village

Jamie Goodwin


Rachael Dalton-Thorpe who we are Kids Village

Rachel Dalton-Thorpe


Kids Village Ambassadors

Kids Village is one big family of supporters and we’re really grateful to our ambassadors for being special friends to us.

Amelia who we are Kids Village

Aged 9

Cancer Survivor

You can see more about Amelia’s story in Kids Village Stories

Tim Warwood Kids Village

Tim Warwood

Lauren Crace Kids Village

Lauren Crace

Kids Village Michael Stevenson

Michael Stevenson

Kids Village Alice Kinsella

Alice Kinsella

GB Gymnast

Kids Village Stories

Kids Village is built on a network of friendships and founded by the Fletcher family who have their own experience of childhood critical illness.